Basic project information

Project Title: The Green Micro:bit

Project Acronym: GreMi

Project Start Date: 1st October 2018

Project Total Duration: 21 months

Project End Date: 30th June 2020

Main objective of the project: Exchange of Good Practices

Participating schools:

Coordinator school: Vižmarje – Brod Primary school, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Partner school: Gračani Primary School, Zagreb, Croatia

Partner school: Djuro Pilar Primary School, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Planned activities:

IDActivity TypeStarting PeriodDescription
C1Short-term joint staff training events10-2018Micro:bit workshop
C2Short-term joint staff training events 12-2018Green architecture workshop
C3Short-term joint staff training events 11-2018E-book workshop
C4Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils04-2019The green wall
C5Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 10-2019Educational path and the souvenir workshop
C6Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 11-2019“Little entrepreneurship fair”
C7Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 05-2020Dissemination activity

Project summary:

The project Green Micro:bit is about raising awareness about the eco role of a school in education and encouraging critical thinking about environment issues among pupils, teachers and a wider community. Our project includes different activities: decorating the school interior and exterior in order to follow the modern architecture of a school and contemporary teaching concepts that go together with a holistic approach to the students’ development. This includes creating “a green wall” in the school, the educational path in the schoolyard, the e-book about the project, school eco souvenirs and much more. Pupils should feel relaxed in the school in order to fully achieve their cognitive, psychomotor and emotional capacities and to become responsible decision makers when it comes to nature and environment. Therefore, the project introduces the green architecture in the school, a ‘live’ architecture that grows and breathes together with the school and its community.

This primarily refers to creating a school hanging garden on the wall in the school hallway, which is the busiest part of the school. The project includes modern technological elements, micro:bits, because the plants in the garden will be watered by a micro:bit system. The green wall consists of different plants that are sustainable on a school wall, like basil, laurel, parsley, coriander, mint and the like. The whole garden will be made of the recycled material only. In the modern society, students tend to be more and more detached from nature, and eco awareness is very low and through the project, we want to change the current state. Besides creating the hanging wall garden and educational paths around the school, pupils will also take part in recycling activities and land art, which is making installations in the school garden out of completely recycled material.

In the outer part, that is the schoolyard, educational paths will be placed. These paths provide pupils with information about herbs and plants and also raise eco awareness among pupils and teachers.

The project is sustainable on many levels: when dried, plants are used for making different decorations, school souvenirs in order to promote entrepreneurship pupils’ skills. The project offers new skills and competences regarding the ecopedagogy, ICT and critical thinking to schools and enables a unique European cooperation between schools, which encourages multicultural teaching environment.