Teacher training Zagreb


The third short-term joint staff training event under Erasmus + Key Activity 2, project The Green Micro:bit, took place from 5th to 8th December 2018. Teachers from Vižmarje – Brod Primary School in Ljubljana, the head teacher and teachers from Djuro Pilar Primary School in Slavonski Brod and the head teacher and teachers from Gračani Primary School in Zagreb took part in the training event. The training started with a welcome programme and a school tour, and the green architecture workshop followed.

The first day the education about green and sustainable architecture was conducted by an architect Ivana Stanić in cooperation with a gardener Korenlija Benyovsky Šoštarić. The aim of the workshop is to gain knowledge about creating the green wall, which is a project result and it is planned in the school hallway. The green architecture in school is important for more reasons: creating an encouraging and anti-stress surrounding for learning, encouraging ecopedagogy in school and raising eco awareness. The teachers learned the basic principles of green architecture through different worldwide examples and how to make a green wall out of wooden pallets.

The second day of the training event also included education and the workshop, this time about the educational path elements and land art, which are also our project results. The workshop was conducted by a landscape architect Ivana Bunjak Pajdek. In this workshop, teachers created a rough sketch of an educational path in their schools. Since plants on the green wall will be watered by micro:bits, guests from Ute Brijeg Primary School held a short presentation about it. They had a similar project entitled ‘I want a tree’ where they used micro:bits for watering plants so they shared their experience. Besides the training, guest teachers also met cultural sights of Zagreb and the surrounding. The third day, they visited Crystal Craft Factory Tuk, the ethno farm Mirnovec, Grgos cave and the educational path, and Samobor, in search for more examples of educational paths. The training event finished on 7th December 2018 with a final ceremony in Trnjanka restaurant and awarding of certificates.

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