The student mobility in Ljubljana

From 7th to 11th April 2019 our primary school Vižmarje – Brod hosted studens from our partner schools in Erasmus +, The Green Micro:bit project, which are Gračani Primary School from Zagreb, Croatia and Djuro Pilar Primary School from Slavonski Brod, Croatia. Our group of eight students were hosts to four student from Zagreb and four from Slavonski Brod. The strudents were all seventh graders. Each group of students came with two accompanying teachers and we were two teachers in Vižmarje – Brod who participated in the mobility. The topic of the student mobility was the green wall, one of the project results, which was created by pupils and teachers before the exchange.

Before the mobility, pupils participated in workshops about micro:bits, e-books and the green wall in the school and helped to created the green wall in their school. The green wall is made from plants that are planted in the wooden pallet planters, and the plants are watered by micro:bits programmed by pupils. By creating the green wall, which decorates each school participating in the project, following project aims are accomplished: the use of innovative technology in teaching and learning and raised awareness about taking care of nature. During the exchange, students presented their school and project activities they had made up to then and shared their experiences with students partner schools. Students guests stayed with host families because that was the best way to learn about Slovenian culture and lifestyle.

The first day of the exchange was reserved for students’ presentations of schools and project activities done so far. Afterwards they had a short tour of Ljubljana. We welcomed our guest schools with our school band and popular escape room activities. Students successfully presented the school and project results so far.

The second day of the exchange students had an educational workshop about creating a school garden and decorating the school educational path. The workshop was conducted by PAZ!PARK association. The educational path is the second project result that follows project aims. Afterwards, students and teachers visited a green hanging garden in Jožet Plečnik Grammar School, where wooden pallets are used. Students learned how to create an educational garden made of recycled material. Then a trip to Bled was organized, where pupils could see different examples of gardens and educational paths.

The third day students and teachers had a lecture about plants that are suitable for the green wall and the educational path and about the ways how to take care of them with micro:bits. Students programmed the program for watering the plants. They also created additional possibilities how to water the plants with micro:bits. The last project activity was creating the first few pages of an e-book, which is also one of the project results. Pupils wrote and edited a text about their exchange in Ljubljana. The e-book will follow all the project activities and will comprise them altogether.

The exchange ended with a spring concert at our school and the certificate award. Our guests spent the last hours in Ljubljana for another walk and sightseeing. They returned home on 11th April 2019. The exchange left a great impression on all of us and enriched us all with new international experiences, so further project work continues. The next exchange will be in September 2019 in Zagreb and we are already looking forward to it.

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