The student mobility in Slavonski Brod

Erasmus +: The Green Micro:bit
Mobility in Slavonski Brod

Students and teachers from Ljubljana, Zagreb and Slavonski Brod participated in the sixth project activity „The Little Entrepreneurship Fair“ which took place in Đuro Pilar Primary School in Slavonski Brod from 19th to 23rd November 2019. The first day of the mobility included students’ presentations about recent project activities and results. Students and teachers also met the deputy mayor of Slavonski Brod and took a tour around the city in order to learn about the people and culture in Slavonski Brod. The second day workshops were held: e-book workshop, souvenir workshop and project logo workshop. Students presented their souvenirs at the local Katherine’s fair. The aim of this activity was to encourage the entrepreneurship skills and exchange skills between students. The third day a short trip to the Nature Park Papuk was held. Students and teachers took a stroll around the educational path in the park Jankovac and learned more about geomorphological features of Papuk. All the project aims are reached and students came back home happy to have this opportunity.

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